"Black! That is my favorite color. The color of my life. The color of my new unwanted found soul. The color of this hell-hole of a world we live in..." Chap: Zeor, Kendra

This is a saga that that place in New York, Dennisin City. The year is 2012, and the world is as we know it. But there are something's us human's just can understand. That why there laies Vampires. The Night Walkers, Blood Suckers. In our world there magic good or evil that live in our faces. But to the naked eye it is unseen.

About The BookEdit

The Book starts with a chapter zeor,darker-then-black. It's a prologue from the main character, Kendra point of view. It's on how she see's the world as a hell-whole, and that there is no good. I start with a chapter zeor ot just put what the over all story will deal with. With the mind set of our heor. So of the back you'll know if it's is something you want to read. I post chapters ever other weekend on Firday-Sunday on

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